magic spells for money love and to remove bad luck: pros and cons

what is a magic spell?

A magic spell is a form of energy that is directed towards a particular problem or concern. This energy could be positive or negative. A magic spell is a set of “chants,” combined with herbs or roots, combined with the needed candles and proper colors, to pull off the spell. A magic spell may include any or all of the following items.

  • A poppet or doll
  • herbs
  • water
  • dirt
  • incense
  • stones
  • roots
  • powders
  • oils
  • resins
  • pictures
  • candles
  • chants
  • words
  • incantations
  • invocations
  • any other type of conjure tools or words

how do I perform a magic spell?

Anyone can perform a magic spell, you don’t have to be a special type of person to do it. However you do have to know what you are doing because certain types of magic can be dangerous if not done properly. Some magic is as easy as one two-three, while other magic is more complex and requires more time on the part of the practitioner. The most important part of any spell magic is the intention, and what you will use to conjure that intention. If you want to perform magic, start with candle burning and putting your intent into the candle and then allowing the candle to burn completely down on its own over a number of days without bothering it.

can a magic spell be harmful

A magic spell can be harmful. As stated before, any magic done incorrectly can be dangerous. Magic that does not involve the use of deities is not usually harmful, but magic that includes deities, may be harmful. If you are just starting out. Stick to deities that you know represent love. These will not hurt you and their expectations will not be very strong for payback. But there are deities that are very persistent about keeping promises, and paying them back for any work done. If you want a “serious” spell, hire a spell castor, don’t do the work your self.

different types of magic

There are various forms of magic. The magic I perform doesn’t really have a name. I grew up in Jamaica, watching my family perform spells. I then continued my spell magic when I moved to North America. The various types of magic are…

  • wicca/witchcraft
  • hoodoo
  • voodoo
  • Obeah

Those are the ones I am most aware of. Now that I think of it,  my magic includes elements from all four, however I am very careful to put God at the forefront of all spells I perform for my clients, so that he can protect them and do what is right on their behalf at any given time regardless of the spell request. Just because you request a spell, doesn’t mean it will create good things in your life.

What magic spells are ok and which are not ?

The following spells are ok…and I do perform these for my clients

  • Money Spells for fast money
  • Love Spells to find a new love
  • spell to find a new job
  • magic spell to increase sales or to attract new customers
  • magic spell to bring peace after stressful period

The following spells can be harmful…I do not perform these spells

  • love spell to break up a couple
  • love spell to bind another to you
  • spell to hurt another person

I do not perform these magic spells, because I know what this really means for my clients. Yes, money is nice and big money is even better, however my clients comfort and happiness long-term is most important to me. If you contact me for one of these spells during our consultation, I will offer you an alternative, that may interest you. If not, I will give you a referral.

how to turn around bad luck!

Good luck is possible. As an Astrologer, I know that sometimes we can run into a string of bad luck. With the use of spell magic, something can be done about this. If you need good luck, contact me. I can do an Astrology reading for you and see exactly where the “bad luck” is taking place. Also based on your chart, I can’t tell you when this “bad luck” is likely going to end. For the mean time I will create a magical tool for you to carry in your pocket to make you have “good luck”.

a magic spell is the only choice sometimes

Sometimes a magic spell is our only option. A magic spell should be your last resort. When all else has failed, it is time to ask the spirits for some assistance. They are there so why not ask. Some people have friends and family watching over them and a magic spell works very easy and fast for them. Others have friends and family watching over them who refuse to partake in the spell therefore the spell will not work as easy. Some people have friends and family who watch over them (and intervene) just at certain times. These things do come into play in spell magic, however there are many other factors at play as well. Magic is the right choice in some cases, you have to be the judge. Sometimes life can deal you a bad hand, and you want to do all it will take to make improvements.

how to book a magic spell with me

I usually do a tarot card reading for my clients first before I perform the spell just to get a clearer understanding of the situation. Sometimes after the reading is over a client may find they don’t need or want the spell once certain details are revealed. So to book a spell, you will first need to book a tarot card reading.

I offer 2 types of tarot card readings

  • mini tarot card reading – 3 card draw representing past present and future
  • full tarot card reading – horseshoe spread providing more details and hidden information about your question

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